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Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast

Aug 3, 2017

MIAC #030 Kirk Winter: Crop Losses & State of the Climate in Eastern Canada Entering a Grand Solar Minimum

Kirk Winter and his family run the 46 Degrees North Channel on YouTube where they share their off grid lifestyle and points they are overcoming while trying to grow food, produce power with solar panels in increased cloudy conditions  and work in Canada’s declining economy to pay for it all.

We discusses unusually wet growing conditions across Eastern Canada, potato farmers unable to plant, leaves falling from Cherry and Ash trees  July 23rd, farmers unable to get in a hay cut for their animals, rising food prices and low global grain yields.  With the grand solar minimum intensifying and shifting jet streams across the planet we begin to see “Jet Streaks” that create atmospheric compression deluge rain events and effects are being felt in Canada first.

  • Drawbacks of using solar energy during the Grand Solar Minimum
  • Indoor farming and boosting the R-Value in insulation for their home
  • Micro-greens and LED Vertical farming and problems with using on only exclusively well water if in a mineral rich area.
  • The intensification of the GSM is running 2-3 years ahead of schedule.
  • A timeline to global effects on crop yields @2019  Cooler wetter conditions for spring planting ahead as much as 3-4 C on either side of the winter.
  • Preparing and getting into the self-sustainable lifestyle
  • Traversing knee deep snow difficulties.
  • Restricted travel because of cold related displacement and economic migrants when the global economic system unwinds and food shortages are openly discussed in the worlds media.

Ancient history and wide cycles of time show why Canada is not inhabitable during most cooling cycles. The seed point of the last glaciation on Baffin Island and surrounding Nunavut area in far Northern Canada.

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