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Mini Ice Age Conversations | ADAPT 2030

Keeping your family more climate prepared and connected to our Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) Ready Community

DuByne creator of the ADAPT 2030 channel on YouTube discusses energetic changes on Earth as the Sun repeats

its 400-year cycle of low activity affecting global crop production, the economy and everyone on our planet.

This is a timeline for what you can expect from now to 2023 as society resets


Oct 24, 2018

David DuByne of ADAPT 2030 channel with Extra von NotHaus & Steven Brendtro of LD2 discuss digital tokens as a warehouse receipt that guarantees its owner/bearer the precious metal stored in the insured vault and using vaulted secure silver as a base for a Stable Coin, not fiat currency. With the initial issue of, each token is backed by one troy ounce of .999 fine silver.

A New Generation of Honest Money

  • Using tokenized silver bullion as a base for a stable coin
  • Purchase and mint silver bullion coins using blockchain technology for ownership (LD2 Silver)
  • Scaling a blockchain business
  • First steps to tokenize commodities that have spot prices associated with them
  • How to redeem physical silver bullion coins from LD2’s depository using ERC20 tokens
  • Vaulted secure silver denoted on the blockchain with no transaction fee

Extra von NotHaushas over twenty years of experience in precious metals markets, alternative/digital currencies, international banking and Fintech, and was a founding member of multiple start-ups. He developed the first graduate-level course on Blockchain at Northeastern University as well as a series of workshops on Blockchain at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Extra earned both a MBA in Investments and Masters in Finance at Northeastern University and a Bachelors in Physics from UCLA.

 Steven Brendtro has over twenty years of experience in Fintech, alternative/digital currencies, web development, systems architecture, and DevOps engineering, and was a founding member of multiple start-ups. Steven also served as a Regional Currency Officer for the Liberty Dollar, and was later instrumental in building an asset-backed debit card platform. He holds a Computer Science degree from Augsburg University in Minneapolis, with joint instruction from the University of Minnesota.

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