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Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast

Mar 20, 2018

This episode covers the changes up to date we have seen over the last three months in global weather patterns shifting and anomalous crop losses and cold along with heat displacement. One thing to notice is where the fade outs in my broadcast occur and which subjects I discuss when there is interference. As letters of credit are less honored in a declining global economic scale, smart contracts will replace these instruments as means of payment for grain shipments internationally.

  • China’s Shanghai Oil Exchange opens March 23rd
  • Global crop losses
  • European Superfreeze
  • Grand Solar Minimum Intensification Timeline
  • Record cold across Europe, Asia and US/Canada
  • Record cold as far south as Florida in USA
  • Record snow in Morocco and Canary Islands
  • Shifting Jet Streams and weakening magnetosphere
  • Crypto currency laws
  • Cryptocurrency taxation
  • Smart Contracts for grain deliveries

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