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Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast

May 14, 2017

Inventor Lee Wheelbarger and David DuByne discuss greater energy levels in our atmosphere as a result of Earth’s magnetosphere weakening.

Worst flooding in USA history with 270 major roadways blocked and all-time rain records broken across four separate states by a single storm reaching over 50% across the USA. The longest and fastest forming single storm ever recorded known as atmospheric compression events. Levees and dams rupturing will become the new normal.

Record cold and rain in Brazil and Argentina as the harvest tie begins and so wet in parts of Canada that they cannot plant on time this year along with unprecedented hail events in terms of depth and size of hailstones across the planet becoming noticeable in spring 2017.

This all leads to one conclusion, our planet has two years more of semi-stable crop growing, then losses will be a yearly occurrence. This will in turn disrupt the economy as a whole due to difficulties in harvest, losses of crop, transportation setbacks and price rises.

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