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Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast

Jul 31, 2017

In Episode #029 of Mini Ice Age Conversations Bob Kudla of Trade Genius Academy and I look at five different aspects of the intensifying grand solar minimum and the effect it will have on our society in terms of rising food prices, economic contraction because of food price spikes, Federal Reserve’s problems keeping food prices down, crypto currency and specific agricultural commodities that are increasing in price.

Agricultural commodities price rises and the knock on effects as consumers shift spending due to increased food costs, thereby pulling form the disposable spending economy such as travel, movies, and consumer electronics and how this will cripple the global economy. Spending will be reduced to food, rent and health care, everything else will shrink.

Federal Reserve was using QE to suppress food prices, but now they will begin tightening, and when the Fed resorts to currency devaluation, food prices get out of hand rising over 50% and energy follow, expect civil unrest.  If Fed can’t keep a lid on food prices the whole thing comes unwound. When food prices moves up, the stock market usually tops within six months.

Crypto Trading with Smart contracts for delivery on grains as the economy collapses and fiat currencies lose confidence as well as the banks and payment systems that surround the current import / export trade.

China is one grand solar minimum away from Regime change because over time it’s shown that China is susceptible to food production anomalies. Strangely China buys the entire crop of USA soy for 2017.

Look for soy prices up as La Nina strengthens.

Wheat rust and flower mite unchecked super strain across South America. Coffee up 19% in one month, sugar followed, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay -20% grain crops and fruit. Cocoa is one of the most heavily shorted Ag commodities on the planet, how will they cover?

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