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Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast

Oct 24, 2018

David DuByne of ADAPT 2030 channel with Extra von NotHaus & Steven Brendtro of LD2 discuss digital tokens as a warehouse receipt that guarantees its owner/bearer the precious metal stored in the insured vault and using vaulted secure silver as a base for a Stable Coin, not fiat currency. With the initial issue of, each token is backed by one troy ounce of .999 fine silver.

A New Generation of Honest Money

  • Using tokenized silver bullion as a base for a stable coin
  • Purchase and mint silver bullion coins using blockchain technology for ownership (LD2 Silver)
  • Scaling a blockchain business
  • First steps to tokenize commodities that have spot prices associated with them
  • How to redeem physical silver bullion coins from LD2’s depository using ERC20 tokens
  • Vaulted secure silver denoted on the blockchain with no transaction fee

Extra von NotHaushas over twenty years of experience in precious metals markets, alternative/digital currencies, international banking and Fintech, and was a founding member of multiple start-ups. He developed the first graduate-level course on Blockchain at Northeastern University as well as a series of workshops on Blockchain at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Extra earned both a MBA in Investments and Masters in Finance at Northeastern University and a Bachelors in Physics from UCLA.

 Steven Brendtro has over twenty years of experience in Fintech, alternative/digital currencies, web development, systems architecture, and DevOps engineering, and was a founding member of multiple start-ups. Steven also served as a Regional Currency Officer for the Liberty Dollar, and was later instrumental in building an asset-backed debit card platform. He holds a Computer Science degree from Augsburg University in Minneapolis, with joint instruction from the University of Minnesota.

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