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Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast

Oct 30, 2018

David DuByne creator of the ADAPT 2030 channel on YouTube discusses societal changes as our Earth enters deeper into the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum, a 400-year cycle in our Sun which will affect everyone on our planet. 

  • Which volcanic ranges on our planet will awaken during the Eddy Grand Soar Minimum?
  • How governments are preparing for large earthquakes and tsunamis along coastal seismic zones
  • Which types of infrastructure will be most effected by large quakes
  • Why sinkholes are more frequent and water ways are being swallowed up by newly formed caverns
  • How a weakening magnetosphere is allowing cloud bands to move from the equator
  • Similarities of weather patterns in the 1600's to today’s climate
  • Where the worst traffic spots are in Asia

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