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Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast

Dec 24, 2018

ADAPT 2030 (David DuByne) discusses distractions in the media for increasing food prices and societal changes as our Earth shifts to a cooler climate as the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum intensifies, a 400-year cycle in our Sun which will affect crop production, the economy and everyone on our planet. This is a timeline for what you can expect from now to 2023.

  • Economists now transitioning to the Grand Solar Minimum effects on our society (Harry Dent, Gerald Celente, Martin Armstrong)
  • Preparing for prolonged food shortages what would you buy first and how would you behave with your finances first?
  • What happens when 200 million people globally sell all of their stocks, and withdraw money from the banks
  • Pull back in winter spending as natural gas prices double
  • GSF Model Northern Hemisphere Extreme cold Jan, Feb, March forecast 2019
  • So much snow that the 2018 ski season started a month early in the Alps
  • Sheep and goat herders trapped by snow storms flocks buried in North Africa
  • Heavier Grand Solar Minimum cycle of 3600 year or 2000 duration beginning
  • Transition into the Little Ice Age happened slower than the changes we are seeing entering the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum
  • Galactic Cross the 11,500 year event
  • New cold hardiness zone starts in Canada

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