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Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast

Feb 20, 2019

David DuByne creator of the ADAPT 2030 channel on YouTube discusses societal changes as our Earth shifts to a cooler climate as the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum intensifies, a 400-year cycle in our Sun which will affect crop production, the economy and everyone on our planet. This is a timeline for what you can expect from now to 2023.

  • New Mayan cities discovered after drought in Mexico
  • Economist all black magazine cover
  • com country forecasts 2025
  • Egypt potatoes warehouses now controlled by the military
  • Global potato shortages
  • Potatoes globally are smaller by 1/3 due to changes in solar output
  • Philippines rice ware houses now controlled by the military
  • Indonesia needs to import 200 million more tons of rice to alleviate shortages
  • Global wheat production down
  • Climate has shifted to extreme rain in Indonesia
  • African Sahel region climate shifts to wetter conditions
  • How will governments control hungry rioting masses of population?
  • Classifications of media censorship across the globe by region
  • Qatar receives a year’s worth of rain in a day
  • London Metals Exchange is 13 tons short to deliver to customers

The Fate of Rome: Climate, Disease, and the End of an Empire

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