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Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast

Jan 9, 2020

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Danny King of Deep South Homestead and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 discuss the current state of global agriculture, economy and how yields across every country are declining and what to expect as we move into 2023 with a brief interlude to the biggest crash since the Roman Empire in 2021.

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  • Houston Supermarket signs tell of unavailability of goods for a “prolonged period of time”
  • Agriculture beginning to decline for homesteaders (inconsistent weather / seasons)
  • Do you trust what is being put into the food supply?
  • Cellulose being added to our food supply at 18-30%
  • If food supplies are shrinking look for lobbyist to petition to add more cellulose in food
  • Nano particulate metals bind up Phosphorus in the soil
  • Growing in a climate controlled environment to assure your food supply moving forward
  • Easiest foods to can are acid foods in a water bath (Peaches / Pears / Apples)
  • Pressure canning is 1.5 hours on average
  • Gold topped cans rust in humid environments (Use Silver Ball Jar Lids)
  • Green beans (bush or pole) and tomatoes are the easiest to pressure can
  • Potatoes are the most maintenance free crop ever
  • Letting wood and trees rot in a pile to create phosphorous rice soil

ADAPT 2030 Climate Revolution

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