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Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast

Jun 13, 2020

David DuByne presents at Alternative View May 2019 in the UK describing what a 400 Grand Solar Minimum cycle is and how it has effected societies in the past. Based on the past we can get a close in time line for changes you would expect to see if the information presented is correct. You decide for yourself. 

(Part 3 of 3) YouTube video with all slides at live presentation

  • Magnetic Polar Wander
  • SWARM stops publishing data on how fast Earth’s magnetic poles are moving
  • Cloud cells on our planet are moving and colliding in new areas
  • Food production becoming unreliable as seasons are now inconsistent
  • Where moisture will shift as Inter Tropical Convergence Zone moves
  • 2019 biggest floods ever recorded in American history
  • Middle East receiving new rain patterns
  • If food growing areas go off line in China they find new grow areas, North Africa
  • Posturing for North Africa as New Grow Zones Emerge
  • Gravitational Vortex Power
  • All spectrum LED grow light (Brad Buttrick Hidden Harvest)

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