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Mini Ice Age Conversations | ADAPT 2030

Keeping your family more climate prepared and connected to our Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) Ready Community

DuByne creator of the ADAPT 2030 channel on YouTube discusses energetic changes on Earth as the Sun repeats

its 400-year cycle of low activity affecting global crop production, the economy and everyone on our planet.

This is a timeline for what you can expect from now to 2023 as society resets


Nov 3, 2019

David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 and R. Goodwin from 420 TV Freedomist Films discuss the shifting of energies as 5G is unveiled globally and energetic shifts in the Sun affecting humanity as we move through the next 15 years of the Grand Solar Minimum.

  • Grain shipments raided during the Maunder Minimum
  • Urban farming
  • Power grid outages globally
  • Food distribution networks experiencing bottle necks
  • Hungry hoards through entertainment industry as pre-programming for food shortages
  • Retrofitting disused shopping malls and parking garages for indoor agriculture
  • Food storage facilities for a city next to a rail line
  • Rooftop gardening
  • Taiwan Hydrolush Vertical grow tubes
  • Population density problems globally not overpopulation problems
  • You need to buy a new car in the climate emergency
  • Just in time delivery the Achilles Heel of our civilization
  • Aero-motor to pump water with wind power

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