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Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast

Apr 5, 2018

Lynette Zang of ITM Trading and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 discuss the Money Standard Shifts and Grand Solar Minimum effects on our economy moving into 2020.

  • Global money standard shift
  • Hyperinflate away global debt through food pricing debt
  • Real estate values plummet as migration begins from colder climates because of grand solar minimum
  • Gold and Silver pricing will follow cryptocurrency rises
  • Quantum Satellite Network
  • China’s AC Chain A-SDR basket
  • ICO for each regional harvest, food coins of the future
  • China’s Tencent and ACChain combing to test China adoption of crypto transactions.
  • Using silver components in new vertical farming
  • Shifting grow zones for grain crops
  • How cryptocurrency can be used to erase debt in the global economic system

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