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Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast

Jul 15, 2019

Michael Lazaro from David DuByne creator of the ADAPT 2030 channel on YouTube discusses energetic changes on Earth as the Sun moves into its 400-year cycle affecting crop production, the economy and everyone on our planet. This is an energetic timeline for what you can expect from now to 2023. Michael is known for his studies in Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch, Polarity Therapy and the Nag Hammadi and Dead Sea Scrolls. Evolutionary Energy Arts YouTube Channel 

  • City ordinances forbidding you from growing your own food
  • City ordinances forbidding you from collecting rainwater on your own land
  • Are we living in a feudal society with the illusion of progress?
  • New 5G right of way and imminent domain laws in Europe
  • Trees blocking 5G signal
  • Wet leaves on trees block 100% of 5G signal
  • 5G as a crowd control frequency device
  • Social media profiling to see who gets food
  • Global food shortages 2023
  • Energy vibration and perception of changes is amplifying

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