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Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast

Jun 25, 2018

Author of “A New Little Ice Age has Started” Larry Pierce, shares his ideas of the changes we are seeing in Earth’s climate as well as How to thrive and prosper during the next 50 years of the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum. Solutions for food growing and heating as winters become colder and growing seasons become unreliable by the calendar.

  • Thriving and prospering during the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum
  • Climate cycles repeating
  • The coldest period of the GSM coming in 2023-2025
  • Using wood heating for your home during extreme cold events
  • Amplifying extreme weather
  • Where crops are beginning to show year on year losses
  • Decreased protein content in global wheat harvests
  • Population migration during the Grand Solar Minimum
  • Real estate prices in the Grand Solar Minimum
  • Poor French Wheat harvest cannot be sold in Egypt the quality is too poor
  • China starts to show losses in grain production

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