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Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast

Jun 29, 2018

MIAC #57 Global Food Distribution, Polar Sea Ice & Cosmic Rays Converge: A Climate Blueprint

Author of “A New Little Ice Age has Started” Larry Pierce, shares his ideas of how to create reliable power as there is more demand as cooler winters begin and how the UN now wants to control the global food distribution system. We also discuss how cosmic rays are responsible for creating more cloud cover globally and what to expect in the future with climate patterns and polar sea ice. How to thrive and prosper during the next 50 years of the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum.

  • Geothermal & Gravitational Vortex Power
  • Global ice cover and shifting data adjustments
  • U.N trying to control global crop distribution
  • Global Warming shifts to Global Cooling in the media
  • Increasing cosmic rays and global cloud cover

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